Coming Back To Life

Well. It’s been a while. I tend to have issues with consistency. That’s been apparent on this blog. However, there’s a certain freedom and feeling of release when expressing yourself in written words. It’s nice. And it’s nice to get it out there for others to see. I haven’t kept up with it here, but […]


Did I ever mention that I loved this city? It’s a metropolis of self expression and creativity. There’s life teeming everywhere you go here. There’s beauty and a sense of pride from living in this city. This place is a soup bowl, and it has every ingredient that you’ll find in the market. I walk […]


I’m sitting upright on my bed right now looking at the time. One of the worst things about having a mind that thinks too much is that it can torture you at night. During the daytime and at work, I’m surrounded by distractions. My thoughts during those times are of the present. But at night, […]

1 Year Recap, and trying to get back into the groove of blogging

So I’ll admit it, I got lazy with this blog. I stopped for almost a year. A large portion mainly because sometimes I will jump headfirst into new avenues of interest and find myself withdrawing my motivation from it shortly after. I think it’s part of my personality that I need to work on. I […]

My Latest Painting

I wanted to share this because I’m pretty proud of it. I really like to focus on abstract art, and sometimes I like creating art that conveys a message about the current world. This one is based off the current year, and is titled “2020”. The message is pretty straightforward. Despite how crazy of a […]

Goodbye Social Media

I’ve noticed something about myself during the past few months. I’ve come to realize just how much of an impact social media has had on my life. It wasn’t just an occasional way to pass time, it was pretty much an addiction to me. It was a dopamine rush, a sense of validation, and as […]

Finding peace at 2am

Looking back at my life I realize I really went through some turbulent times. Life was never easy. No, sometimes it was really hard. But I acknowledge that I’m able to get through it. Despite some of the shit that I had to go through. And there were periods in my life when I was […]

Nature and Cardio, the world’s best stress relievers

I’ll be honest, I’ve been feeling mentally drained lately. It’s been several factors that have been leading me to feel low in mental energy. The main reason is seeing the world as it is right now. It’s both depressing and inspiring watching the current events unfold. Honestly, when did 2020 become a fucking movie with […]

A Brighter Future

It’s been a crazy week since the terrible murder of George Floyd by a police officer in Minnesota. Since then there’s been a major call for social reform in American and even in several western countries. People are coming out into the streets and demanding equality for African Americans at a level that is unprecedented […]

Insights on George Floyd’s murder and what needs to be done about it

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, then you’re probably aware of the murder of George Floyd that occurred in Minneapolis. A man who was confronted by the police for an alleged forgery of a check ended up on the ground with a knee pinning down his neck until he suffocated […]

I am me, and I love myself for it

Let me tell you a little bit about how I grew up. When I was young, authority was all I knew. Mostly because of my parents and the way they raised me. I love them, but I’d be lying if I were to say they weren’t your stereotypical strict Asian parents. They had their belts […]

A small collection of my recent artwork

One hobby that I’ve been putting more focus on lately is creating more art. It’s something that I dabbled in here and there in college but never got too serious with until recently. It was a bit of a hidden hobby for me that only a few knew about because I didn’t want my friends […]

This is the only life we get

I recently made a promise to myself. That promise was that I was going to live my life to the fullest, and really not give a fuck. I felt I was embodying that to somewhat of a point beforehand, but I wasn’t really following through. I’d say “yah man I’m just making the most of […]

Having an unplanned Ego death during a psilocybin trip (Report)

I’ll just start off by saying that I’m not an experienced tripper. I’ve taken shrooms once before (about 1.8g). And I’ve taken a tab of LSD twice. I enjoyed the headspace I’ve gotten so far from them, but I didn’t go further than some decent visuals and color saturation. Outside of that I’ve been microdosing […]

Life isn’t over because of the quarantine

When the quarantine first started, I thought that life was pretty much over. And for the first few weeks I treated life like it pretty much was. On my days off from work I stayed home playing video games and jacking off. I exercised every now and then but didn’t really push myself as much […]

Analysis of the results of microdosing psilocybin for 1 month

About a month and a half ago I had my first full trip with psilocybin (aka Magic Mushrooms). It was an experience that will forever be engrained in me because of how positive and therapeutic of a trip it was. It definitely left me with a greater appreciation of the world around me and for […]

Art is one of of my favorite forms of self expression

Art is my favorite medium of releasing creativity. I love conjuring up ideas, bringing them together, and transferring them onto a land scape. Making shit is dope. Art is a way to spread your message through pictures, and being able to convey to the world what you believe is important for people to know. It […]

Being in the middle of the pandemic as a nurse

It’s been a crazy year since Covid-19 really started picking up and being the global pandemic that it is now. Cities have shut down, people stopped going out, traffic is close to non-existent now. To see a virus bring society down to a halt like this is truly devastating. Being in the frontlines of it […]

Random streams of consciousness while I’m tripping on acid

The universe is honestly an amazing thing. Just thinking about the creation of it and even of how it came to be is completely mindblowing to me. Like what are the chances of the right atoms and molecules or whatever the fuck coming together for the universe to form into what is now. And thinking […]

Thoughts on Frank Ocean while I’m high

I remember it was high school when I first started listening to Frank Ocean. Before that all I knew was that he was part of Odd Future. At that time I was more focused on bopping it out to Tyler the Creator like the high school edge lord I was. I listened to Channel Orange […]

Why did I start this shit?

So this is the introduction post. You’re probably on this site wondering who I am and what this new blog may be about. Well, it’ll be a little bit about everything. Currently in my life I’m a guy in his mid 20s working out on figuring life out. I chose the totally glamorous field of […]


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