Thoughts on Frank Ocean while I’m high

I remember it was high school when I first started listening to Frank Ocean. Before that all I knew was that he was part of Odd Future. At that time I was more focused on bopping it out to Tyler the Creator like the high school edge lord I was. I listened to Channel Orange and immediately fell in love. Frank had a way of really hitting you in your soul. I could listen to that album front to back. And from then on I was hooked.

I’d have to say my favorite single from there was Forrest Gump, that or Lost. I mean honestly this guy is a fucking natural and making dope shit. Unfortunately, Frank went under the radar for years and got rid of most of his social media. Not until 2016 when he dropped his second album and personally one of my top 3 favorite albums of all time, BLONDE.

Hot damn that was a good album, and all the perfect songs to listen to for a night drive, or a night in the living room high as fuck. Like me right now. As of right now as Nights play I’m just sitting here pondering how Frank has a way of evoking emotions out of you with his music. He’ll go down as one of the greatest musicians and cultural icons in my opinion. That guy has way more musical soul than most artists out there playing on repeat on the radio.

I just seriously hope he drops another album within the decade.

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