Why did I start this shit?

So this is the introduction post. You’re probably on this site wondering who I am and what this new blog may be about. Well, it’ll be a little bit about everything. Currently in my life I’m a guy in his mid 20s working out on figuring life out. I chose the totally glamorous field of nursing to graduate in college and am now in the midst of a battle of a new virus caused by some guy in china eating the wrong bat.

Fun shit.

I’m also currently trying to be an entrepreneur. One of the few things I may document on here is my journey in building up a streetwear brand from the down up, successes and mistakes. Is it a good idea to launch a new clothing brand in a middle of a pandemic? Who knows, guess we’ll find out.

However, I also created this blog to have a place to document my thoughts. I like to ponder a lot, about society, culture, art, philosophy, all that shit. So figure why not start a blog too and share my crazy thoughts with the world. Don’t expect and form of censorship on this blog, I’m planning to be as open and as honest on this blog as I can be.

Currently, I’m writing this intro high as balls, and I can only hope that you people find some solace or amusement in my posts as this blog continues to grow.

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