Random streams of consciousness while I’m tripping on acid

The universe is honestly an amazing thing. Just thinking about the creation of it and even of how it came to be is completely mindblowing to me. Like what are the chances of the right atoms and molecules or whatever the fuck coming together for the universe to form into what is now.

And thinking about that is making me realize just how truly small we are in the bigger aspect of things. We’re just mammals hanging out in a floating rock circling a bright ball. Just one galaxy in trillions that are all over the great space.

Another thing that popped into my head is that life is honestly fucking beautiful. I just took a walk outside and really appreciated all the amazing colors that the world offered. Like holy shit trees and grass never looked so beautiful. That’s when I had a profound realization that life in itself is beautiful, and we’re all given the gift of experiencing it every day.

Does existence have any meaning? I think that this is something that we create for ourselves. We create meaning in a seemingly meaningless existence. And that sounds kind of depressing, but it also is so freeing. I’m looking outside my living room and seeing how good I really have it right now. And to think that I’m always getting stuck in my head about all the little insignificant things about life that don’t matter.

You really learn to appreciate how lucky we are to be where we’re at. Even in the middle of a global pandemic, you can still learn to appreciate what you do have with you. And for me that’s my amazing family and friends. And I honestly feel like I’ve had the chance to pursue more of what I want with all this extra time.

Being on acid is awesome. And I really wish everyone had the chance to experience this at least once. Maybe there’d be less world wars. And more love? It just blows my mind how selfish and evil some humans can be, I feel most problems can be overcome with sound logic from all the parties involved. But instead people would rather resort to violence. Really sad if you ask me.

Another thing that acid has made me realize is what mental illnesses really are. I’ve dealt with them and they suck. But if you boil things down to what they really are. It’s chemicals. And these chemicals for whatever reason are messed up, maybe there’s too much of this chemical or too little of another. But the goal is to fix them up. Or at least get them to as close to baseline as they can be. Whether that be meds/meditation/exercise/therapy or all together. I’ve always tried to strive to hope that I can just pop a tab or munch on some shrooms and that’d magically fix all my problems. but really, dealing with mental illness is a journey. It takes work, every day. But I know it does get better, because I’m in such a better place than I was years ago.

One of my favorite realizations so far. Is just to go with the flow. Not everything needs to be exact, not everything needs answers. Just go with the flow and let the river of life carry you to where you need to be. It’s crazy how we let all these insignificant things get in the way us enjoying our trip down this river of life. But when you learn to just let go, and realize that where you’ll headed is a good place. Then it’s that much more freeing.

One thing I’ve noticed on acid is this itch to want to learn. Whether it be society/economics/spirituality/philosophy or whatever. I find myself just really interested in other perspectives in subjects that I don’t have that much knowledge in. One great thing about acid is that it really makes you want to take in all other views from the people around you and appreciate the lessons they have to give. One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to be able to grow our knowledge in different fields, and be more aware of what’s going on around in the world because we choose to expand our knowledge.

I’m on the tail end of my trip now and hit a dab pen. Shit was wild forsure, definitely made the visuals stronger for a short period. Now I just feel very relaxed, and peaceful. My view on psychedelics has rapidly changed this year after trying them out. And I feel I wouldn’t have tried them out until I was just bored out of my mind in quarantine and figured “why not?”

And to think in college I looked down on them, now I see them as one of the best tools of self improvement and self actualization. They open your mind up to realizations and possibilities that you didn’t imagine before, or maybe you didn’t want to. Not all of my trip so far has been super pleasant, I had to face things and come into terms with things that I didn’t originally want to. But you have no choice but to face them on acid, and after my realizations about these things, I feel much more at piece after accepting them. And I feel hopeful, because I know I have the power to make my life better because of the realizations I made on this trip.

All in all. Acid is fucking dope 🙂

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