Being in the middle of the pandemic as a nurse

It’s been a crazy year since Covid-19 really started picking up and being the global pandemic that it is now. Cities have shut down, people stopped going out, traffic is close to non-existent now. To see a virus bring society down to a halt like this is truly devastating. Being in the frontlines of it in a Covid unit and has been just as crazy.

I think it’s easy to look outside and not really think about how dangerous this virus can be to the people who are susceptible to it. You’re not normally seeing people at their worst with covid when they’re struggling to breath and coughing their lungs out. And for the very unlucky people, they’ve got tubes shoved down their mouths like a deepthroat from hell, these tubes are helping them breath because they can’t do it on their own. Lastly, if your just shit out of luck, you end up dead. Whether it’s because intubation didn’t save you or their just weren’t ventilators available because they were taken by other Covid patients.

There’s a stark contrast that I’m seeing between how people outside of healthcare see covid and those who see it in the frontlines. The headasses protesting in major cities and large towns to re-open businesses and general public services have formed a cognitive dissonance to the dangers of the disease. However, it’s hard to ignore the real danger of Covid when your seeing the real affects of it every time you go to work.

I understand the importance of keeping the economy from completely tanking any more then it has. And that the best way for that is to allow people to work again and get more money back into the the state and government, but what good is being able to pay for family when you or your own family members could pass away because you caught covid from a customer?

While I’m sure the stimulus check had helped families for a short period of time. You can only stretch $1,200 for so long. I definitely see the government needing to send more money to the American public if these restrictions go on. Even then the government can only keep pumping money into the economy until inflation pays a visit and quadruples the price of beef jerky.

However, even with all that going. I’d still take having people be alive over being broke. Having to cut on food for the family sucks, better than having some of them be dead. Being late on bills and potentially not having warm water sucks, better than being dead. Having to lower the amount of fat blunts that you smoke sucks, but still better than being dead. You see what I’m getting at here?

On the topic of being alive, we’ve been seeing a lot of death on my unit since it was converted into a Covid unit. It’s sad to see, and there really isn’t a treatment for this disease. Plaquenil is being touted as drug that has shown some benefits, but really I’m not seeing shit from this drug other than it fucking up peoples’ kidneys and heart rhythms. But I feel doctors are willing to try anything to help these patients. In the end most of what we’re doing is supportive care and hoping the body can fight off the infection.

Do I see in end coming soon with this virus? To be honest, no. I wouldn’t be surprised if it went on until next year. With how easily this virus spreads and the lack of a vaccine; Covid could be around for a long time. I just hope society is smart enough to do what it needs to do in order to get the number of cases down to the point where quarantine restrictions can finally be lifted again.

Because to be honest, miss getting fucking lit man.

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