Art is one of of my favorite forms of self expression

Art is my favorite medium of releasing creativity. I love conjuring up ideas, bringing them together, and transferring them onto a land scape. Making shit is dope. Art is a way to spread your message through pictures, and being able to convey to the world what you believe is important for people to know. It could also just be mindless fun, without meaning but a way to show your skills in making aesthetic imagery.

My favorite form of art is contemporary. And whenever I make art it’s the style that I go for personally. Contemporary art to me doesn’t have limitations in defining it’s message. I love the aesthetic of it, how open it can be to interpretation, and how modern it looks to me. It’s the form of art I have the most appreciation for. And one of my favorite experiences related to art is when I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

I felt like I could go back to back a dozen times looking at the same art before I’d get tired of it. It had so many pieces. Displays made of neon signs that covered subjects dealing with joy, life, and sex. There were also pieces that involved companies like Nike and Adidas. This is honestly the kind of art that inspired me to start making my own art on canvasses.

Ever since I really started getting into art; I’ve learn to appreciate the aesthetics in life too. Such as the architectural design choices for different infrastructures or the color schemes used to decorate hallways. Even in forms of media like tv shows and movies you start appreciating the small details like specific placement of certain scenes or the visual metaphors.

Right now, I’m trying to share my own personal message through the medium of art with a clothing line. It’s great because it’s allowing me to create clothes that I’ve always wanted to wear but could never find and to spread my message that I hold dear to others; which is the value of individualism. I hope that I can grow into something really successful and to be able to leave healthcare, which don’t get me wrong, is a respectable profession, but totally sucks balls sometimes.

I’m glad that I grew an interest to art when I was young. It had helped me so much in so many ways; with teaching me to be more expressive or being an amazing for of stress relief. One of my favorite things to learn about someone is that they’re into art as well and could talk to that person with hours about it. Most of all, it’s helped bring a greater appreciation for life for me.

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