Analysis of the results of microdosing psilocybin for 1 month

About a month and a half ago I had my first full trip with psilocybin (aka Magic Mushrooms). It was an experience that will forever be engrained in me because of how positive and therapeutic of a trip it was. It definitely left me with a greater appreciation of the world around me and for myself. I remember before the trip, I had done some research on microdosing shrooms already, and the many positive effects it’s had on people’s lives.

However, before starting my microdosing journey. I felt that I really wanted to experience the full affects of shrooms with a dose large enough to have an actual psychedelic trip. After, I felt more ready to start microdosing, and waited the allotted time recommended for my tolerance to reset before taking my first microdose.

I’ll normally microdose about 2 to 3 days straight. Then take two to three days off. That way my tolerance doesn’t start going up. The biggest issue with me at first was finding the right dose. I feel that I’m very sensitive to most substances. And that for what most people would consider a normal dose, for me that’s normally a lot smaller. This definitely applied to microdosing.

At 0.2g, I felt really energetic and agitated, it was hard for me to really focus. At 0.15 I felt the same way but to a lesser extent. These effects were persistent until I found the right amount for me. Which was surprisingly a very low dose of 0.07g. That was around the point where I stopped feeling that agitated and irritated feeling I was getting at higher doses. Kind of surprising for someone who’s a 5’8 and 150 pounds. But I guess body chemistry plays a big role on your tolerance to susbtances.

Keep in mind it took a little over a week (about 4 doses) before I found the right dose and started consistently dosing that amount. 2 weeks in I started noticing that I was less reactive to situations that I’m normally more emotional towards. Certain negative experiences through my day can really bother me, even though I usually don’t express it. I have an issue of letting things get to me and troubling my mind for hours on end during the day. However, I was starting to find myself to be non-reactive and clearheaded when negative situations presented themselves. Sometimes I can still ruminate on them for a bit, but I’m very good at stopping myself and getting on with the day.

I also find myself more motivated to complete my goals. I’ve been transferring a lot of this energy into setting up my clothing business before officially launching it. And recently I’ve been more pro-active with expressing my creativity with art, and even started a social media page and a website to sell the art with. This was something that I was holding off with for months, but now find myself with the motivation to go forward with it.

While I’m not necessarily experiencing a lack of anxiety that some people who microdose report. I did start noticing a much better mood consistently throughout my days. I have much less negative thoughts, and am much better at filtering them out of my head. This is a superb improvement in my book as that positivity has lead to me being happier person all around. Now I’m finding myself being much more interactive with others than I normally was before. I’m currently finding myself to be much more open to my colleagues at work than I normally am.

Information seems to be something that I’m much more interested in ingesting now. I’m finding myself consistently listening to informational podcasts or reading articles on different subjects when I normally would just be doing something mindless like watching cartoons (not to say watching cartoons is bad, but beforehand I was doing things like watching anime for half a day when I could be more productive). It’s definitely helped me be more curious and interested in becoming more knowledgeable.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the results so far. It wasn’t an overnight improvement for me, but subtle and continuous positive effects that built up throughout the weeks. It’s pushed me to be much more productive, and I wouldn’t say microdosing will solve your problems, but can definitely help to be the catalyst to help you do so. In the end, you still have to be the one to take action.

I’ll probably continue to microdose for another 2 months, and eventually take a break. My goal after that would be in solidifying the positive habits I’ve built while microdosing. I’d definitely recommend microdosing if anyone ever gets the chance to do so. It has been very helpful for me so far, and I’m sure can be beneficial for tons of people out there.


  1. Nicholas C. Rossis · May 24, 2020

    The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) estimates that 16.2 million U.S. adults had at least one major depressive episode in 2016. This represents 6.7 percent of the U.S. adult population. Depression and anxiety are most common in ages 18 to 25 (10.9 percent) and in individuals belonging to two or more races (10.5 percent). The US ranks first worldwide, followed by Nepal, East Timor, and Bangladesh.

    Unfortunately, for something that troubles so many people, we still lack any good medication – i.e. with minor side-effects and that don’t build tolerance. There has been too little progress, with just shrooms and CBD coming up as possible new medicines in the last 30 years.

    So, thanks for sharing your experience. It sounds like dosology makes it hard to prescribe shrooms for depression, as finding the right dose seems to play a huge part in your case.


    • V1SIONS · May 24, 2020

      Yes finding the right dose can be tricky. You’ve got to play around until you feel you’ve found what’s right for you. I feel with psilocybin factors like weight/height/body chemistry have an effect on the right dose. 0.07g is very small but gave the me the benefits I wanted without the negative side effects. I’m hoping shrooms can be used more and studied more as time goes on as I believe it can offer some really great results for people who haven’t found the most success with their normal psych medication regimen for issues like depression/anxiety/ptsd.

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  2. dannymellema · June 13, 2020

    Wauw, incredibly interesting. I have never heard of this, but reading your experience makes me tempted to give it a try. Perhaps I will..


    • V1SIONS · June 15, 2020

      Would definitely recommend if you get the chance to do it!


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