Life isn’t over because of the quarantine

When the quarantine first started, I thought that life was pretty much over. And for the first few weeks I treated life like it pretty much was. On my days off from work I stayed home playing video games and jacking off. I exercised every now and then but didn’t really push myself as much as I could. At work, the local community donated constant fast food to healthcare staff, so I was ALWAYS eating like shit. During that period I was so bummed out about how I couldn’t go out and enjoy life that I let it negatively effect my mindset.

However, after an awesome acid trip. I realized that life didn’t have to be over because of the quarantine. That this time is one of the best opportunities to cultivate ourselves and start chasing after what we really want. Before the quarantine shit, I was always distracted because I was always out partying and being a delinquent on my days off of work. Now that the most I’m doing is downing a few White Claws here and there, I really had a lot of time to start thinking and planning my goals.

I’ve been taking advantage of this quarantine as much as I could since that realization. I’ve been working towards some personal goals that I’ve been wanting to accomplish for months. Both in terms of making money, expressing myself with interests such as art, and working on my diet and exercise routines to build up on that summer body. I’ve honestly been feeling very productive as of lately and it’s helped in getting rid of those bummed out quarantine vibes. Also, just because there’s a quarantine doesn’t mean you always have to stay at home, so long as you practice social distancing and proper hygiene, there’s nothing that’s really keeping you from enjoying the outside world. No way I’m staying at home all the fucking time and getting depressed.

It does pay off to keep your mind busy and entertained by pursuing your own interests. And I think it’s important that we don’t waste all this free time we’re given on pornhub 24/7. Perspective is important during dark times like these, and if you look for opportunities for growth and start pursuing those opportunities, they’ll pay off exponentially in the future. I didn’t even plan on starting a blog before, but I figured why not? I’ll add that on to my list of things to start and grow while quarantined.

You don’t need an acid trip to get the motivation to start chasing your goals (though it can really help), you really just need to take the first steps in planning how to achieve them. Then taking those steps one at a time. I don’t see this corona virus shit going away anytime soon, and even though parts of the world are opening up slowly, it’ll be a long ass time before everything is fully back to how it was pre-covid. We’ve got plenty of time to chase some dreams right now.

While I’m definitely planning to make up for the lost time in getting fucked up again and having a lot of fun with friends when the society is back up and running; one of my main goals is still to stay consistent with the goals I’ve started now during the lockdown and not getting lazy. It’s all about balance of work and play, and before quarantine that scale was definitely weighed down with tons of bricks on the play side.

Honestly, I’m ready to just kick some ass right now and make the most of the situation that the world is in.


  1. thewestlainewanderer · May 13, 2020

    I feel this big time! Love the picture too. Greetings from London.


    • V1SIONS · May 13, 2020

      Thanks! The picture is honestly just a stock photo from the wordpress library lmao. But I really liked the vibes I got from it, it shows you can still enjoy the world even in all this craziness. Hope London is handling covid well during these crazy times!

      Liked by 1 person

      • thewestlainewanderer · May 13, 2020

        Ah haha, I would never have known! Yeah its really cool. Not great but we’ll make it through! Stay safe my friend.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. charlypriest · May 14, 2020

    Hello Visions, I think I took one of those(no proffread) haculligenic mushroom you talked about in the other post for this covid thing, I´m visioning…. Who knows at this point. Just sit and relax there is no other way. Although maybe next month I´ll be homeless, not kidding on that one, so you could give me shelter?


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