A small collection of my recent artwork

One hobby that I’ve been putting more focus on lately is creating more art. It’s something that I dabbled in here and there in college but never got too serious with until recently. It was a bit of a hidden hobby for me that only a few knew about because I didn’t want my friends thinking I was lame (I was part of a fraternity and a lot of people in it were pretty “bro” and looked down on those kind of things). Now that I’ve grown more after graduating college, I realized that was really stupid to think. Do what you love man. After college I started getting a little more serious with making some more pieces here and there and having fun with it.

Now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic, I wanted to put some more focus in art work and creating pieces that I actually enjoy. I’m no Pablo Picasso, a lot of my art work is contemporary and abstract. But I enjoy creating these pieces and expressing myself with them. I’ve really become a fan of acrylic art and spray painting on a canvas, and hope to also try out different forms of making art on different platforms in the future.

So far my recent pieces have been inspired by the lifestyle that I’ve lived after moving to Chicago. I really loved the night life of the city and having a great time out with amazing friends. I really like to party, and as someone who is young I’ve been making the most of my life here pre-pandemic. My art has reflected that and it’s a happy medium that allows me to reminisce on good times. It also gives more of something to really look forward to when this pandemic is over, because you best bet I’ll be the first one out in line at the bars and clubs when this is all over.

Here is a collection of my 3 recent pieces. All of them are on a 36 x 48 canvas.

1:00 AM
This was heavily inspired by many drunken weekends full of debauchery. The writings are statements that you hear often when your out drinking, like the infamous “Who’s ordering the Uber?” or the all too familiar “What did you say?” that you hear every 2 minutes in a loud club. Some parts of this art piece are references to areas in Chicago. Kingsbury, Ontario, and Dearborn are all popular streets at night in the city. This piece also showcases the absurdity of some of things you see, such as how many places unapologetically charge overpriced amounts for a cup of mostly juice and a tablespoon of tequila. The top left of the canvas is a shout out to El Gallo De Bravo, one of my personal favorite restaurants to get food after a night of getting hammered. Also, fuck Soundbar.

This canvas talks about the importance of letting loose and having fun, while also being a bit of a commentary on different aspects of society. Such as our love for thrills and money (which hey, I’m not going to deny that I chase both). And while chasing money is great, don’t expect super expensive material objects like Porches to make you feel fulfilled. My personal philosophy is that humans are social creatures and it’s meaningful relationships that bring us real joy. I also try to have the mentality of being open and accepting of everyone, and I try to avoid the elitist “only talk to me if I think you’re cool” mentality. Hence the statement “Everyone’s invited”. Love can be a intoxicating, and I think it’s one of the most powerful drugs out there. But of course, acid is pretty great too.

Honestly, I made this with a friend while we were drunk and high from smoking weed. Turned out pretty well in my opinion.

One comment

  1. ceayr · May 25, 2020

    Fun stuff.
    I have worked with different artists who create images for my words, or vice versa, and I find it immensely stimulating.
    You can see one instance of this on my YouTube Channel:
    Thank you for following Sound Bite Fiction.

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