Did I ever mention that I loved this city? It’s a metropolis of self expression and creativity. There’s life teeming everywhere you go here. There’s beauty and a sense of pride from living in this city. This place is a soup bowl, and it has every ingredient that you’ll find in the market. I walk outside most days and I’m met with a blast of stimuli to all of my senses, some good, some not. But always something interesting.

Sometimes you see an amazing display of talent with musicians posted on a corner playing music for everyone walking by, and sometimes you walk out your apartment to see that your car was broken into. Regardless, you take the good with the bad. Luckily, there’s usually a lot more good. And the good reminds you why this is one of the of the most popular cities in America. There’s a spirit here that you won’t find in the suburbs of Illinois. It’s a fire and a longing for expression. It’s something that I could always appreciate during my time here.

I’ve grown here. You’re exposed to so much variety in culture and lifestyle that you expand your perceptions on how you view the world. Things like this will be carried with me everywhere I go in the future. You won’t find people as fearless here as you’ll find in any other place in Illinois. People here will show their true selves, and will tell you exactly what’s on their mind. No bullshit, no hiding, to some people from the Midwest it may be off-putting. But I respect that.

The lights never turn off, and the city itself feels like a living being. No matter where you are, from Uptown to the West Loop. It’s like every area has it’s own personality. It’s an urban jungle that I loved exploring when I first came here. Which is why I will miss this place dearly when I leave. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be visiting here and there. But this chapter of my life is coming to a close, it’s time to start the next one in another home. But I will always be thankful of my time in the Windy City.

Until Next Time, Chicago.

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